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in Chicago, IL

Dayton Street Properties is a family-owned real estate operation specializing in leasing residential and commercial properties to our clients in Chicago, Illinois. We own residential properties in two flats as well as office spaces and buildings with light manufacturing facilities.

Celebrating Over Four Decades of Excellence

We have been in business since 1967 and bring over four decades of bonafide experience in the residential and commercial real estate market in Chicago.

Whether you plan to shift to a luxury family apartment in a new neighborhood or plan to expand your business in a brand new commercial facility, we go above and beyond to match our customers with the property best suited to their specific needs.

Dayton Street Properties

A Tradition of Trust

We are not real estate agents but lease our available listings directly to customers. Our office spaces and apartment units are of the highest quality. We always keep in mind the best interests of our tenants, providing them with comprehensive care for a peaceful living experience.

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Here at Dayton Street Properties, we offer reliable and personalized services to cater to all your residential and commercial real estate requirements. Our available apartment units are in high demand. So, connect with us at the earliest and get the keys to your new dream home.